Adoption Of Primary Municipal Schools

56 Primary Schools have already been identified and adopted by our clubs and 36 clubs have further consented to opt one school each taking the total number of schools to 92. Our District has already collected over 1,25,000 books under the “Books Collection Drive” and we now have the National Book Trust, India, which has agreed to join hands with us & empower our students with more books , resources & orientation-thanks PP Raj Kamal Bhargav.

You will be happy to know that for each school that you adopt under the TEACH program, “Rotary India Literacy Mission”(RILM) has offered to provide a grant of 50% of the total cost to be incurred with a maximum limit of Rs. 2,50,000/=. This is subject to conditions laid out under the scheme.

Please contact the following Core Team Members for further inquiries:-

  1. PP Pran Mehta          9810075873               
  2. PP Ashok Thussu      9810032085    /

For RILM Scheme

  1. PDG Ramesh Aggarwal          9811072303